Field Application Engineer

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Field Application Engineer

Job description

Challenge: Help our customers design dozens of IoT solutions

Come join a team that has the audacious goal to build a communication system that changes the world. Hiber delivers connectivity to sensor systems (IoT) with a global satellite footprint. It is low power and low cost so we enable use cases that would not be possible otherwise, because of connectivity issues. This enables global climate monitoring, precision farming, marine life protection and many other ways to improve life on earth.

As a field application engineer, you will be the first technical person our customers will want to talk with. You will help customers understand the capabilities of our system and work with them to see how their use case can be enabled with HiberBand connectivity. 

Your daily work focusses on helping our customers to get their solutions in the field as quickly as possible.  That means responding to customer inquiries, keeping our documentation and online self-service portal polished to perfection and co-design solutions with customers when asked. Among others, providing guidance on component selection and application design, from initial idea to manufactured device.

Your day-to-day responsibility is to remove any technical roadblocks our customers may hit, which is anything between giving them a little nudge in the right direction or holding their hands until everything is resolved. You’ll also work with the engineering team to introduce product improvements into the product roadmap.

 What we have for you

  • A state of the art, satellite IoT telecommunication system,
  • HiberBand user terminals, antennas and IoT hardware to work on,
  • A team of many disciplines and even more big brains to work with,
  • An open engineering culture where you both build and design the technology,
  • Flexible hours, work-from-home options and we also don't micromanage your vacation days.


You have

  • A commercial attitude, you understand what growing customer value is,
  • Relevant work experience in a sales engineering role,
  • A technical background via education and/or experience with knowledge of electronic engineering,
  • A good understanding of embedded systems and power supply design,
  • An all-around understanding of all aspects of the customer experience and each stage of the customer lifecycle,
  • Solid understanding of (IoT) wireless networking concepts,
  • Experience designing (simple) PCBs,
  • A precise attention to detail,
  • The people skills required to work with customer, engineers and customer support agents,
  • Fluency in spoken and written English,
  • Motivation and drive. You volunteer for new challenges without waiting to be asked.

You might also have

  • Experience with Altium or similar PCB design software,
  • Experience with C development for embedded devices,
  • Experience with web APIs,
  • An understanding of system issues associated with RF design such as noise figure, IP3, etc.,
  • Proficiency with common RF test equipment such as Network & Spectrum Analyzers, Signal & Pulse Generators, and Oscilloscopes.


Hiber is an eclectic team of like-minded, big-hearted and seriously motivated guys and girls who want to change the world, for good. Pushing the boundaries is what drives us. We love tech. More importantly, we love what we know it can do to make everyone’s life better. And it is that human touch, that desire to improve everything, that sets us all apart and gives us a real buzz. We think of ourselves as 21st century tech pioneers. Exploring new possibilities every day. Doing what no one ever dared to do before. And succeeding. For us, tech isn’t a new app, game or social media fad. It’s a chance to make a real difference, long-term. Not a quick buck short-term.

To date, we hang out in offices in Amsterdam and Delft (home of a big tech university) in the Netherlands. But with more and more, open-minded thinkers and doers wanting to join us, who knows where’s next. For the space junkies amongst you, we launched our satellites with PSLV in India and SpaceX from Cape Canaveral.